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Dynamic graphs on the website

Dynamic graphs on the website

Adding graphs to a website can be powerfull, especially when they update automatically. This is a test graphing (automatically) the top 5 journals we publish in. I'm exploring this technique to share data in the future.

The FDC: At the germinal center of autoimmunity? (Review)

The FDC: At the germinal center of autoimmunity? (Review)

What happens in the shadows of the Germinal Center? Are Follicular Dendritic Cells (FDCs) the gray eminence of autoimmunity? Luc's review explores the roles of FDCs, known for their role in affinity maturation, in autoimmune diseases.

How to email a PI?

How to email a PI?

I get a lot of ineffective emails with requests to join my lab for long or short term. Here is a short guide to improve your succes rate!

Ilhan, the protein expression expert

Ilhan, the protein expression expert

For the NWO XS project on EBV I was able to recruit the talented Ilhan Tomris for a few months. Ilhan's extensive experience in viral protein expression aligns perfectly with this project.


Frequently Asked Clarifications

Here we aim to provide you with essential information to help you better understand our research and how you can be a part of it. If you have any additional questions beyond what is covered here, please don't hesitate to reach out to us directly.

What is the primary focus of your research lab?

We focus on the biology of human germinal centers, in particular how B-cell selection is regulated.

How can I get involved in research conducted at the lab?

Reach out to us for an internship or take a look at our Konjoin page to see which projects need students.

How can I contact the lab or its researchers for inquiries or collaboration requests?

Email is the easiest wat to contact us, you could for instance email Josch Kuhlmann, our fantastic administrator.

What is the lab's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility in research practices?

We try, but it is hard! We lowered our -80C freezers to -70C, but much more can be done. For this we collaborate with the UU Green Team.

What are the publication and research output records of the lab?

We aim to publish quality research that is usefull to others and share tools that we develop. For a full overview you can go to the publications section.

Are there any internship or volunteer opportunities available for students and aspiring researchers?

Not always, due to limited space, (wo)manpower or funding, but when we do have opportunities we post them on Konjoin. There you can also find joint projects with other research groups.

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