As part of Utrecht University’s Faculty of Science the lab is integrated within the Departement of Pharmaceutical Sciences and part of the Chemical Biology & Drug Discovery division. The lab is located in the David de Wied building. Internships for Bachelor and Master students are available through Konjoin!

Bachelor thesis
Julia de Lang, 2022
Lian Grafhorst, 2022
Master thesis
Pip de Graaf, 2023
Luc Krimpenfort, 2023
Jan-Willem Langenbach, 2023
Lian Grafhorst, 2023
Yijun Hu, 2022
Patrycja Lenartowicz, 2022
Charlotte Op ‘t Hoog, 2022
Anniek Henselijn, 2022
Kevin Hooijschuur, 2021
Sanne Wiersma, 2019
Richella Sambo, 2019
Jesper Verbruggen, 2018
Julian Köhler, 2013
Paul Oranje, 2011
Anne Carroll, 2010

Administrative Support

Josch Kuhlmann supports us (and the rest of CBDD) with administrative tasks.